Sharif Upstream Petroleum Research Institute (SUPRI) in Sharif University of Technology has been established in 2013 as a technology oriented center for scientific, fundamental and applied research in oil and gas industry. Members of this Institute are professors from various departments of Sharif University of Technology and other visiting professors with the research backgrounds in upstream petroleum industry. This institute is currently involved in several research projects financially supported by oil industry. The aim of this institute is as follow:

·       Cooperation of various research centers, Institutes and departments in order to improve the quality of research projects for the upstream petroleum industry

·       Technological knowledge Development for oil and gas industry at the national and international level

·       Definition and execution of industrial and research projects for oil and gas industry

·       Reservoir studies and cooperation in oil and gas field development

·       Recognition of new technologies in oil and gas industry and localization of them

·       Organizing applied and specific workshops for oil and gas industry




Events Future

Digital Core Analysis and its Application to Reservoir Engineering workshop 

conference on Oil and Gas Fields Development

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